Custom Massage

60 mins/90 mins/120 mins

The hardest part of a massage is knowing what type you need. Here at Heal we have eliminated the guess work! This massage will be fully tailored to meet all of your needs. Available Techniques: Deep tissue, Neuromuscular, Table Thai, Sports, and Swedish. (Pregnancy massage unavailable, please ask for referral)


CranioSacral Therapy

60 mins/90mins

A specialized technique that uses light touch and handholds to manipulate the cranial bones and sacral column, to allow for the proper flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This technique is for clients who want a very relaxing experience while allowing their bodies and minds to feel decompressed.



30 mins/60 mins

Another specialized massage that works with the Acupressure points in the body to relieve instant stress. There are reflexology points all over the body, but our 30 min session will focus specifically on the feet. While the 60 min session will focus on the feet, hands, and ears.